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Once you come to The Golden City, you never go back.

Bangor (English /ˈbæŋɡər/; Welsh: [ˈbaŋɡɔr]) is a city in Gwynedd unitary authority, north west Wales, and one of the smallest cities in Britain. Historically in Caernarfonshire, it is a university city with a population of 18,808 at the 2011 census,[1] including around 10,000 students at Bangor University and including Pentir community. It is one of only six places classed as a city in Wales, although it is only the 36th-largest urban area by population. According to the 2001 census, 46.6% of the non-student resident population speak Welsh, which is low for Gwynedd but despite this, the language keeps a high profile in town.[2

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