Celebrities Who Went Back to School


Bradley Cooper post

Date: Dec 18, 2015

Author: Bradley Cooper

After earning his bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University in 1997, Cooper embarked on an acting career. But deciding he wanted to fine-tune his craft, Cooper completed a master’s program at the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University. For his thesis, Cooper performed the role of Joseph Merrick in “The Elephant Man.”


Steven Spielberg post

Date: Dec 24, 2015

Author: Steven Spielberg

While a student at California State University at Long Beach, Spielberg got a job as an unpaid intern in the editing department of Universal Studios. The 24-minute film he made impressed execs enough to hire him, leading Spielberg to leave school. At age 55, the mega-hit director completed term papers and general education courses through independent study to complete his bachelor’s degree in the arts. Cal State – Long Beach waived the requirement that seniors submit a polished 12-minute film, saying that “Schindler’s List”’ would do.


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